How to Dress Up the Humble Gym Short

How to Dress Up the Humble Gym Short

Is there life after the gym for, well, gym shorts? Is it all treadmills and marathons for eternity? Does après-elliptical translate directly into the hamper? Designers have a different path in mind for the often nylon piece once only designated for crunches and sit-ups. The swishy gym short has been rearing its airy head in luxe incarnations over the past few seasons now. 

Workout shorts or gym shorts are an imperative piece of kit if you’re a fan of a sweaty workout – whether it’s a 5k run or a HIIT sesh with chest-to-floor burpees aplenty. In the warmer months, working out in gym leggings might leave you feeling hotter than if you had to do 50 squat jumps in the sahara (aka – very, very hot).

Gym shorts come into their own here by keeping you cool while you sweat – whether they’re 2-in-1 running shorts or short-shorts for a weights session. But there are some important issues to consider: what length short should you go for? Do you need a pocket for your phone or keys? And, most importantly, will the shorts ride up or expose you to the dreaded summer thigh rub?!


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