How To Wash Sportswear

How To Wash Sportswear

1. Avoid Using Softener

If a fabric softener is added to soften the fibers during washing, the sweat-wicking, stain-proof and breathable properties of sportswear will decrease.

2. Never Use a Dryer

Although it can dry clothes quickly, for some sportswear materials, the dryer will destroy the fibers and cause the clothes to shrink. Especially for clothing such as sports underwear and tights, drying will cause them to lose their elasticity.

3. Avoid Wringing Hard

Do not twist the washed clothes hard, otherwise it will easily lead to deformation of the clothes and fail to maintain the appearance of the clothes.

4. Don’t Expose To The Sun

It is best to dry naturally and avoid prolonged exposure to avoid dye fading and yellowing of the material.

5. Don’t Wash Overnight

It is best to wash sportswear in time after exercise, and it is best not to wash overnight, because this will increase the difficulty of washing and make it more difficult to clean sportswear.