Can Cycling Clothes Be Replaced With Tight-fitting Sportswear?

Can Cycling Clothes Be Replaced With Tight-fitting Sportswear?

Question: An ordinary cycling jersey (top) is more than 100. Can’t a sports tights replace it? A better one is only a few dozen. The functions are the same, reducing wind resistance, absorbing sweat, etc., except for the color of the jersey, it seems to be the same.

Answer: No alternative. Although they look like tights, there are many differences in details.

First of all, most cycling clothes use stand-up collar or small stand-up collar design, which can provide extra protection and sun protection to the neck.

Second, most cycling clothes use a full-open zipper design, which can be opened to improve heat dissipation when climbing.

Third, the cycling jersey uses three-dimensional tailoring, the cuffs are designed to lean forward, the back is long and the front is short, which is more suitable for riding posture and provides better comfort.

Fourth, there are pockets on the back of the jersey, which can provide a lot of convenience.

Of course, if you think these details don’t matter, then it doesn’t matter what you wear, whether it’s a tights or a regular T-shirt. However, it must make sense for a century-old sports and clothing to develop like this.

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