How To Choose A Suitable Sport Short

How To Choose A Suitable Sport Short

When we choose the sport shorts that dazzle us, apart from color and shape, what else should we consider?

Sport shorts not only play the role of pants, but also prevent the abrasion of our legs during running, and even promote our blood circulation, so that we can play a better role in running. So not only for the sake of beauty, but also from the aspect of exercise effect, we should choose running shorts well.


First of all, you have to think about whether you are looking for a short, medium or long style, or a long one that can cover all the legs. The long style is the most common in winter. The medium and long ones are more suitable for spring and autumn weather, while the short ones are usually used in summer to prevent the skin of our legs from being abraded by cloth.


There are many kinds of materials for us to choose, but no matter what the material is, you should first consider its air permeability, and the second is whether it can protect your skin from UV damage.


Smooth seams are the key point, and the welt of clothes should not protrude, so as to prevent the skin of legs from being abraded by cloth during running.

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