New Product Introduction: Sweat Towel

New Product Introduction: Sweat Towel

What is sweat towel?

Sweat towel is a kind of high-tech towel made of cold fabric with patented technology from the United States. It has the functions of absorption, circulation and evaporation, and can quickly reduce the body temperature. It is suitable for fitness sports and leisure in summer.

The features of sweat towel.

1. Sports sweat towels can keep cold for a long time. If you get hot after wiping the sweat, shake it immediately and it will be cold again.

2. After soaking with hot water or cold water, wring out, shake 3 seconds variable cold, cold feeling can last 5-7 hours or more.

3.The sweat towel is light and easy to carry.

4. The sweat towel has anti-mite, anti-static and anti-ULTRAVIOLET effects, especially suitable for outdoor sports or people engaged in outdoor work.

5. Due to the fast drying speed, it is one of the necessary articles to cool down and beat the heat in summer.

The following points should be noted about sweat towels.

1. Can I wash my face and bathe with sweat towels?

Sweat towels can be used to wipe any part of the body. If you have a fever, use sweat towel can cool the body quickly. Because the sweat towel decontamination effect is good so it also can be used to wipe glass instruments,glasses,lenses,precision instruments,etc., will not scratch the lens.

2. What to do with sweat towels after use?

Many people think about whether they need to wash their towels after using them. In fact, whether it’s sweat towels or towels made of other materials,it’s recommended to wash them regularly.Because the towel is in the process that