How To Chose One Suitable Sportswear

How To Chose One Suitable Sportswear

The arrival of the cool autumn has made many friends join the ranks of fitness. When participating in fitness activities, it is better than daily work and life. Sports clothing needs to have good breathability, to facilitate the stretching of sports limbs, and perspiration is not affected. So how do you choose the right sportswear for fitness?

To choose breathable wicking fabric.

During exercise, the muscles of the whole body contract, the heartbeat breathing increases, the metabolic rate increases, the blood flow accelerates, and the amount of sweat increases compared with daily activities. Therefore, choose sports clothing with breathable and fast fabrics to facilitate the

discharge of sweat during exercise.

Must have spandex and other elastic components.

When choosing sportswear, it is also more important to choose sportswear with elastic components such as spandex. Because no matter what kind of sports, the range of activities is much larger than daily work and life, so the requirements for the expansion and contraction of clothing are also high.

Yoga activities should wear close-fitting clothing.

When friends participate in yoga activities, it is best to wear personal clothing. Because during yoga activities, the precise requirements for the joints and muscles of the body are relatively clear. Wearing personal clothing can help the coach to see whether the student’s movements are correct and can correct the wrong posture in time.

Female friends want to choose sports underwear.

When female friends participate in fitness exercises, it is best to choose sports underwear to wear. Sports underwear not only avoids problems such as slipping of the shoulder straps of the underwear, but also can well protect the breasts of female friends from the effects of exercise, and can avoid a lot of trouble during exercise.

Don’t wear pure cotton clothing for fitness.

Some friends think that pure cotton clothing has a strong ability to absorb sweat, so it is very suitable for wearing during fitness. In fact, although cotton clothing has strong sweat absorption ability, it also has a drawback of not wicking away sweat quickly; if you wear cotton clothing to go to fitness, the cotton clothing that has absorbed sweat will easily bring the body a chance of catching a cold. Therefore, friends are advised not to wear pure cotton clothing for fitness.