How To Choose A Running Jacket

How To Choose A Running Jacket

We offer you a variety of running jackets that can withstand different weather conditions. Jackets have different dazzling performances such as windproof, water-repellent or waterproof performance, so it is not easy to choose. So, how did you choose your running jacket?

Windy weather

When running on a windy day, you need a windproof jacket. The material used in the jacket can reduce heat loss and resist the ventilation of clothing caused by wind.

Light rain

When running on a light rainy day, you need a water-repellent jacket. When this type of jacket is exposed to rain, the rain will flow down the fabric, and because the material used does not absorb water, it maintains the lightness of the clothes. In addition, its water-repellent properties can also improve the stain resistance of clothing.

Heavy rain

Planning to run during heavy rain? Well, we recommend waterproof jackets to you. This type of jacket helps you stay dry by using a hydrophilic film or a layer of waterproof material on the inner layer of the fabric.

Cloudy or night

If you like to run on a cloudy day or at night, we strongly recommend that you wear a night jacket (please note that this product is not personal protective equipment). These jackets are designed with highly reflective elements at the front and back to reflect the light beams from the headlights.

I recommend you a sobike spring and autumn jacket suitable for wearing in a variety of weathers. The fabric is made of 152gsm, 77% polyester+23% spandex material. The material is light and thin, with good windproof effect, and has a certain anti-splashing effect, allowing you to easily deal with it Light rain. The eye-catching reflective logo on the chest enhances the safety of your exercise in dark weather.