How To Choose One Suitable Cycling Jersey For Yourself?

How To Choose One Suitable Cycling Jersey For Yourself?

Among the bicycle riding equipment, the most important one is the cycling jersey. It determines the comfort and level of performance of the entire cycling sport. Cycling clothes are so important, what aspects should be paid attention to?

1. The version type is very important. The riding suit is a professional thing, so when choosing a riding suit, you must choose a professional one. The professional cycling suits have considerable research in terms of version, and are very detailed.

For example, Wigmi’s cycling clothes mainly have the following types:

Top Contest Edition:

Extremely attached to the body, strong wrapped compression muscles, improve sports performance, effectively reduce riding wind resistance.

Professional sports version:

3D three-dimensional cutting, excellent sense of wearing, perfect combination of sports performance and comfort

Training sports version:

The standard riding posture is used as the basis for cutting, so you can experience the riding comfort perfectly

  • If it is cycling underwear, because it is worn close to the body, pay attention to comfort when choosing fabrics. The fabric of cycling clothes is characterized by functionality, protection, closeness and comfort. In the colder winter, it is usually selected to be warm and breathable. When the weather is hot, we must choose the one with good breathability and perspiration, which can expel a lot of sweat quickly and keep the body surface dry.

3. The details can tell the quality and grade of the cycling suit. There are several main points:

(1) Workmanship – dense stitches, neat and exquisite, no rough thread ends.

(2) Accessories – The most critical accessory for cycling clothes is the zipper. YKK is a world-famous zipper. It can also be regarded as a symbol of high-end brand positioning. Secondly, it looks elastic or non-slip belts.

(3) Color – Riding is an environmentally friendly sport, and the ink used must be environmentally friendly.