The Best Cycling Shorts for Guys

These shorts will keep you comfortable on the bike, no matter how long you ride. Unless you’re just planning to pedal around the corner for a quick jaunt, any self-respecting cyclist needs to make sure they have the right gear for their ride. That doesn’t just mean that your tires have air, your shoes are […]

How to choose cycling jerseys?

Advances in technical fabrics in recent years mean the difference in on-bike performance between the best cycling jerseys and normal clothes can be substantial, particularly if you’re concerned about going fast or riding in hot weather. Of course, many roadies care about how they look on the bike too, so getting a cool cycling jersey […]

Best cycling shorts: Brilliant bib shorts ridden and rated

Our no-compromise approach to creating the best cycling clothing in the world is particularly evident in the subtle, but important refinements made year after year to our cycling bibs. Signature pieces such as the Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort have undergone literally millions of miles of testing with the pros. Why does it matter? Because in […]

Running Shorts for Women of 2021

When buying running shorts, here are features you should look out for: Moisture wicking fabrics: Fabrics such as polyester and nylon will wick sweat away, keeping you dry while exercising. Avoid cotton as it’ll hold onto sweat, which can feel uncomfortable and weigh you down. Liner: Many running shorts feature a liner of some type, whether it […]

What To Look For In Women’s Running Shorts

If you’re a runner who wants to ditch the running tights as soon as the sun is out, you’re not alone, yet finding running shorts that don’t ride up or slip down can be difficult. No matter how many miles you plan on logging, shorts need to be non-restrictive, breathable and made from sweat-wicking material. […]

Best Cycling Bibshorts: A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Bibs For Indoor And Outdoor Cycling

A cyclist’s shorts are vital. Considering you are likely to spend hours on end sitting in them, you need to make sure you pick the right pair of cycling bibshorts. As you’d expect, fit is king – your shorts need to be snug without restricting blood flow, long enough to cover around two-thirds of your thigh […]

The Best Sports Bras

A reliable sports bra keeps you comfortable and supported during a workout, but different types of athletes require different kinds of support. A yogi might not need the same thing as a Zumba instructor.  Fitness influencer Christine Abramo also likes Alala for low-intensity workouts, particularly this thermal bra. She says the bra, which can fit a range […]

Best Men’s Tank Tops for a Stylish, Sleeveless Summer

Men’s tank tops (aka vests) are not without their hang-ups. The bad rap dates back to the 1920s, when the sleeveless undershirt was commonly worn by abusive men in silent movies. In more recent times, their adoption by Beefa-bound party boys has not done them any huge favours in the fashion stakes either. But as […]

Skinsuits For Cycling

A good quality skinsuit can pay dividends far higher than the price tag might suggest when it comes to aero gains – but which is the best? What is a cycling skinsuit? A skinsuit is designed to be the most aerodynamic clothing you can wear. Premium skinsuits feature special fabrics designed to reduce drag and […]

Best Men’s Running Shorts 2021

The best men’s running shorts come in all different lengths and styles, which means every man can find the right pair. Men’s running shorts come in a wide range of lengths. From minimal and breezy 2” split shorts that evoke classic runner vibes to full-coverage 9” models, you can pick out the length that’s most […]