There’s a lot of variety in available bike shorts, so it’s important to know what to look for. Before jumping into the reviews, I’ll lay out what I think matters most in evaluating and choosing between them.  THE BASICS First, if you ride several times a week for an hour or more, I’d recommend wearing […]

The best custom cycling women bib shorts

The best cycling shorts will provide a comfortable base on which you can rest your weight throughout the majority of your ride. While it helps to have a well-suited, comfortable saddle on your bike, if you pair it with a sub-par pair of shorts you’re likely to be missing out on all its benefits.  A […]

Mountain Bike Shorts

The Golden Age of mountain biking saw a sharp sartorial divide between the cross-country racers, whose tight-fitting Lycra shorts and jerseys were often indistinguishable from those of roadies, and the downhill crowd, which tended to ape the loose-fitting, impact-oriented gear of motocrossers. Those two perspectives are mostly reunited in the modern MTB short, which generally […]

No right or wrong choice when it comes to shorts versus bibs

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to shorts versus bibs. It comes down to personal preference. How do they fit? What type of riding do you do? Does one work better than the other with your body shape and size? It’s best to try both and remain loyal to the one that’s […]

How to buy Women’s Bike Shorts

Men’s and Women’s cycling apparel have many similarities as well as differences.  While men’s cycling gear has been around for many years, the women’s cycling apparel is much more diverse and spread across a variety of body types. The female shape varies greatly from person to person, so there are more choices.  There are cycling […]

Best Cycling Gloves

There are many reasons cyclists might wear gloves.  They can help cushion your hands and prevent callouses.  Some gloves can keep your hands warm. Other gloves can give you protection against a spill. Finding the right glove depends partly on the type of riding you do.  A century (100 mile) road rider might want different […]

Women yoga tops

Many women choose yoga over other athletic pursuits because they don’t like to sweat profusely as they do when engaging in aerobic workouts, so you don’t need compression or moisture-wicking yoga tops that can add to the price of your wardrobe picks. Aside from the weave, thickness is also an important factor when evaluating yoga tops. If the […]

Personalized active wear manufacturer

We know that everyone loves to rock leggings to run errands, lounge around the house or even have a night out on the town, but what are the best yoga pants to actually, er, practice yoga in? According to yoga aficionados, the best types of leggings to practice yoga in traditionally have a thicker, looser fit with the freedom of […]

Personalized cycling shorts

Outside of your bike and its key components, and of course your helmet to protect your head, cycling shorts might be most important bike gear purchase you make. We always suggest prioritizing “contact points” when thinking about upgrading your bike.  What more important contact point than where  your backside meets your bike seat? Cycling shorts […]

Buyer’s guide

The British winter, much like the British summer, is a strange beast that often can’t make up its mind what it wants to be. Unless you live in the far north of England, in Scotland or high up in the Welsh mountains, chances are you’ll only get a few really extreme days and most of the […]